West Memphis Dental Group Clinic

At West Memphis Dental Group, our facilities were designed with our patients’ comfort, care and convenience, in mind. Each detail from entry to exam to exit was thought out to make your experience the best possible for you and your family!

  • Patient Comfort

    Comfort is Key!

    If there is one thing that can help make a patient’s dental visit a success, it is a welcoming, comfortable space to make them feel at ease and confident what is to come in the visit. With ample space in our comfortable waiting room and spaces designed to make one feel at ease, your experience at West Memphis Dental Group is meant to be special, each and every time you visit us.

  • Dental Technology

    The Latest Dental Technology

    West Memphis Dental Group is in a unique position to offer the very latest in dental technology in our brand new, state-of-the-art facility. From our stations, to our tools and rooms, it all works together to benefit you!

  • Dental Bookkeeping

    Scheduling Satisfaction

    The advent of dental scheduling software has made streamlining your scheduling, reminders and follow-ups as stress free as possible. We offer concise, appropriate scheduling and reminders to keep you informed . . . without too much conversation!

  • Positive Dental Approach

    Positivity Prevails

    It’s a simple thing, but it makes all the difference. Positive people make for a positive experience. From entry to exit, we want your visit to West Memphis Dental Group to be a positive one. We know that many people are anxious, shy or simply don’t enjoy a trip to the dentist. We’re here to change that!